01. I like to sleep on a very firm mattress, so a futon is [perfect] for me.
02. To me, getting paid to learn foreign languages would be my [perfect] job.
03. My son can imitate my voice [perfectly], so when people phone our house, he sometimes pretends he's me.
04. Even some native English speakers wouldn't get a [perfect] score on the TOEFL.
05. English is not his native language, although he speaks it [perfectly].
06. Kwok-Leung practiced his presentation for hours in order to get it [perfect].
07. The body of a man who lived 5,000 years ago was discovered [perfectly] preserved in ice.
08. Gymnast Nadia Commanechi received [perfect] scores in her gold medal winning performance in the Olympics.
09. Scientists say that our earth is not actually [perfectly] round.
10. Sophie is a real [perfectionist], and will spend hours working on a single drawing.
11. We had a [perfect] day yesterday. Beautiful weather, delicious food, and great company.
12. Min-Soo's accent in English is [perfect]. No one would ever guess that he wasn't born here.
13. The car is in [perfect] condition. It looks like it's never been driven.
14. She has been practising for weeks to [perfect] her tennis serve.
15. It took him about ten years to [perfect] his technique.
16. That suit fits you [perfectly]. It looks like it was made for you.
17. You know [perfectly] well that I don't drink, so stop asking me.
18. She accepted a lift home from a [perfect] stranger. I think it's very foolish.
19. To be [perfectly] honest, I have no idea where Bob is.
20. She will accept nothing but [perfection], so nobody wants to work with her.
21. The steak was cooked to [perfection]; tender, juicy and simply delicious.
22. The presentation went [perfectly], and everyone seemed to enjoy it immensely.
23. Heberto had [perfect] attendance. He didn't miss a single minute of class the entire session.
24. He will never get married because he wants to meet the [perfect] woman, but no one is [perfect].
25. Harriet's wedding will be the [perfect] time to get all our family together.
26. Someone told me that in India, it is [perfectly] normal for men to wear pajamas in public.
27. Our beans are roasted to [perfection], resulting in a smooth, full-bodied coffee.
28. We found a [perfect] spot to set up our tent right beside the river.
29. My daughter had her eyes tested, and the doctor said her vision is [perfect].
30. Aristotle once suggested that pleasure in the job puts [perfection] in the work.
31. Lin Yutang once remarked that if you can spend a [perfectly] useless afternoon in a [perfectly] useless manner, you have learned how to live.
32. A Brazilian proverb observes that haste is the mother of [imperfection].
33. A Chinese proverb states that there are two [perfectly] good men; one dead, and the other unborn.
34. A Scottish proverb suggests that [perfect] love cannot be without equality.
35. An old saying notes that practice makes [perfect].
36. The potato was the [perfect] vegetable for Ireland, growing quickly in its wet, cloudy weather.
37. Amsterdam's red-light district is one of the few places in the world where prostitution is [perfectly] legal.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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